Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA 5

Diamond Casino Resort GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto, the games which have been around for more than 2 decades, left no stone unturned to develop the world’s biggest fan base. Who would have thought? A crime thriller will become the most profitable and promising entertainment of all time. With every new update, Rockstar Gaming left the players astounded, especially the Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA 5 has broken all the previous records.

GTA 5 was released in 2013, since then more than 100 million copies have been sold. It’s just because the game offers a premium-grade gaming experience, high graphics, and what not?

Undoubtedly, online casino games have become a multi-billion dollar industry, and Rockstar gaming also struck the hot iron. In July 2019 the Rockstar Gaming launched an update of Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA 5. It has become a fan’s favorite with a significant increase in online GTA 5 audience. The long-awaited casino has opened the doors for the players, who can win, and convert their hard-earned GTA$ to big money. This update has utterly changed the gameplay of Grand theft auto and has boosted the excitement in players, to win big game prizes in less time.

Location of the Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA 5

The update of Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA 5 has profoundly increased the online fan base. It opened access to all the best possible features of a real online casino. The casino was already present on the map of the GTA 5 at the location of Vinewood, with the name Vinewood Casino, but it was released on 23 July 2019. So, get into your supercar and head towards Vinewood Boulevard, Las Santos. The casino is lit with glittering lights, and it is visible from a distance.

The Interior of Diamond Casino and Resort

The casino has the following areas:

  • Main Lobby: Located at the entrance of the casino the lobby contains, reception, the lucky wheel, bar, cashier booth and the casino store. The visitor can also purchase the membership from the reception.
  • Agatha Office: To the left of the table games, is the office of General Manager Agatha. Only the Penthouse owners can have access to her office. The office has big soundproof windows, which show a great view of the lobby of the casino.
  • The inside track betting area: The casino has an inside digital horse race betting area, where players bet on horses. To avail the access to it, the players need to get a $500 standard membership.
  • Vip lounges: There are two VIP lounges, available only for players who subscribed to the VIP membership.
  • Gambling area: In this area, the player can bet on various table games, slots, and many more. The gambling experience in Diamond Casino is as realistic as in other exclusive online casinos.
  • Master Penthouse: The players can have access to master Penthouse if they purchase, VIP membership of the casino. In addition, they can avail all other amenities of the casino, like Limousine, Aircraft, and Housekeeping Services.

Games in Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA 5

The casino offers all the amenities and games one can enjoy in the real casino. You can relax or enjoy a martini in the casino’s bar. You can also gamble the night out or watch people losing their money.
Following is the list of games offered by Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA 5:

When you enter the casino floor, the first game you’ll come across is Spin the Wheel, it will provide you free spins, you can win an array of prizes. If you are lucky you can win big money, clothes, and exclusive supercars, for instance, Truffade Thrax.

If you are in a mood to play slots, there are so many machines to choose from. The Diamond players prefer blackjack games as it provides more revenue, similarly, roulettes and three-card pokers are very famous at casino’s premises.

Moreover, if you want to win big money, Diamond Casino & Resort offers virtual horse racing.

Furthermore, if you want to unlock the premium features of the casino, you need to buy a VIP membership.

Bonuses in Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA 5

It is unfortunate, that the Diamond Casino doesn’t offer any online casino bonuses. Instead, the bonuses are only unlocked if you finish the string of missions, for instance, Casino Heist. The bonuses comprise various cash payouts, extravagant artwork, and premium casino memberships, which ultimately open the doors to the whole range of new possibilities, to win big money and rewards.

Membership to Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA 5

Now the players can purchase a membership to avail the high price gambling opportunities. You can opt for standard, VIP, golden, platinum, or diamond status, depending on what you can afford. The more you invest the more access you’ll get to the premium features.

With the standard membership, you will have access to limited features, whereas, VIP status comes with all you desire, like a Master Penthouse, roof garden, spa, and much more. Besides in Golden Status, you will have to finish two missions, then you can unlock a luxury car like Truffade Thrax.

To unlock the Platinum Status, you will have to complete five missions. Lastly, for the Diamond status, you will have to host and finish all missions. In return, you’ll get, Enus Paragon R Armored vehicle, and other players who host the missions can unlock Annis S80RR supercar.


Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA 5 is the most successful update by Rockstar gaming, the eye-catching graphics, and various premium services have their own charm. Moreover, the classy penthouse and extravagant jackpots attract the players toward the casino. The game has been the biggest hits of all time, around 100 million-plus copies have been sold since launch. It has opened ways for the players to spend their hard-earned GTA $ on something. Winning losing doesn’t matters, what matters; is the thrill and excitement casino missions have provided to the players.

Overall the Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA 5 is a power pack entertainment!

By Filip Mishevski

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