Coin Pusher

Coin Pusher

Coin pushers are exactly same as their name suggests. This arcade game pushes the coins and you can win by adding coins. It is an interesting game, you just need insert the coins into the coin pusher to stockpile them as much as possible, so that it can push them off the edge. You might have seen them in various places, as they are quite popular. It started with the coin dozer and then converted into coin pushers. The game is very popular in arcades, the fair and casinos.

Let’s dive into the history, types of coin pushers and tips on how to win coins and points.

History of the coin pusher

The history of coin pusher goes back to 1960’s, there is no exact date known for its release. Cromptons a European company is given credits of making the first coin pusher. Cromptons is making coin operated amusement products since 1947. The first coin pusher machine was released in 1963 by Cromptons with the name Wheel-a-Win. It had the sweeping arm which used to push the coins into the holes. Later, numerous machines closely resembling the first coin pusher were released.

Coin pusher in an arcade

Types of coin pushers

There are thousands of coin pushers present in arcades, fairs and casinos. Many of them offer, pennys, points, or real money. In this article we discuss the three most famous types of coin pushers.

  1. Real money coin pushers:
    It follows the simple principle, the real money coins are inserted in the machine. These coins will eventually, push the other coins that drop from the edge which can be collected by the player. The prototype of the first real money coin pusher was first launched in 1964. This let to the release of numerous other coin pushers with different themes. Real money coin pushers are very popular, but it is not allowed to use these devices in arcades, because this is classified as gambling. However licensed casinos can offer these real money coin pushers.
  2. Card collection coin pusher:
    Majority of the games in arcades and fairs are coin pushers with tokens. You can collect plastic cards from the machine which resemble points. These plastic cards are dropped periodically from the coin stacks and the player can collect them. The goal is to add more coins and push the maximum amount of cards / points over the edge. These cards can be traded for prizes on the counter of the arcade of fair. With this game you buy tokens for money, but you cannot trade the plastic cards back for money. The points that these cards resemble can only be traded for prizes such as stuffed animals, keychains etc.
  3. Online coin pushers
    You can even find numerous coin pusher games on android or IOS app stores. Moreover, there are dozens of websites present on internet, where you can play games from your laptops as well. You can download free games on your mobile phone and laptops. However, we believe it will not give the same joy as the real coin pushing machines. Most EU casinos don’t have coin pushers for real money. The game is just not really a good fit for online.
Coin pusher for real money

Coin pusher on fairs or arcades

Coin pusher machines in fairs or arcades usually target both adults and children. Those glittery lights and immersive music effects, makes it a fun game. People usually play for hours hoping to win a lot of points. They spend a lot of money without knowing that these games will never provide profit.

When you want to play the coin pusher game at a fair, you just need to buy the special coins designed for it at the cash register. Then choose the right coin pusher machine. Search for the machine that has a lot of coins and plastic cards with points hanging over the edge. This will make it easier to get those coints and cards, by adding new coins. You can push the stockpiled coins from the edge which can be collected at the end.

If the coins lands on the right place, there is a probability to push the coins further and the players can collect the coins or points. You never know how it will end, that what makes it more fun.

Coin Pushers in Casinos

In casinos, coin pushers have become a thing of the past. The majority of casinos don’t offer these games anymore. A few casinos still have these machines were you win real money. Useally it works with Euro coins. Instead of plastic cards with points you can win euro notes.

By Filip Mishevski

As a person that has been involved in the gambling industry for over 5 years, Filip knows all the tricks and trades of online casinos and casino games. He’s here to provide you with the best content and help you have a fun gaming experience. His specialities include online slots, gambling regulations, casino game strategies, bonuses and promotions and much more.