Casino games with the highest odds of winning

Casino games with a high chance of winning

When you play an online casino game, you naturally want a good chance of winning, in other words a high RTP. But there is quite a bit of difference in the winning chances of casino games. Before we proceed with this topic, it is necessary to understand that RTP stands for Return To Player value. In other words, the value that is returned to the player in the form of cash prizes won. The RTP value of casino games is shown in percentages, just like with slot machines. It is important to know that all casino games are profitable for the online casino in the long run. When it comes to the chance of winning, you as a player are always at a disadvantage. But of course this doesn’t mean you can’t win money. Casino games are games of chance so you never know in advance whether you will win or lose, this is also the charm of the game of chance. In this article we take a closer look at the casino games with the highest RTP. In other words, casino games with the highest winning odds.

What do RTP and odds have to do with each other?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the odds of winning a casino game are indicated by the abbreviation RTP (Return To Player). It means literally, back to the player. This is not shown in a monetary amount, which depends on your bet. The chance of winning or RTP value is displayed in a percentage. Actually, the RTP percentage is the same as the chance of winning.

To give an example, blackjack is the casino game with the lowest house edge for the online casino. The house edge for the casino is only 0.5%. A condition is that one plays online blackjack according to the basic strategy. Later in this article you can read more about the influence of you as a player on the chance of winning and the RTP percentage of casino games.

In this example, if you play 50 hands of blackjack with a bet of €1 per hand. Then you have wagered €50 over time. This means that you will theoretically be paid €49.75. This is, of course, a theoretical percentage. A casino game remains a game of chance, in which the chance of winning cannot be influenced, or only to a very limited extent, by the use of strategies. Nevertheless, a strategy can help you to gamble less with emotion, but more based on probability.

The influence of you as a player

In the previous paragraph we briefly mentioned the basic strategy of blackjack. So you can try as a player to influence the winning chance of casino games to arrive at a higher chance of winning. By means of probability you try to make the best possible decision, pass or another card. We will not go into this further in this article, you can read more about this in the article about the blackjack strategy.

What is important to indicate that in some casino games your influence as a player is important for the chance of winning. However, this does not apply to every casino game, with slots and fruit machines the choices for you as a player are very limited. With many slots, for example, you can only choose to increase the bet or play more paylines.

Casino games such as blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette and sic bo offer more opportunities to apply casino strategies to increase the odds of winning. But it’s important to keep in mind that it’s still a game of chance, meaning you’re never quite sure whether you’re going to win or lose. Your control is limited, so only play with money you can spare.

Casino game with a high chance of winning

Below you can find the list of the casino games with the highest RTP, i.e. the highest chance of winning. The complete list of slots is covered in a separate article on this website. Note that this is a theoretical RTP. The odds of winning may vary based on choices made while playing. As stated before, it is of course also about games of chance, in the end you never know for sure whether you will win or lose. This is also an important element of a casino game that makes it so exciting!

  • Blackjack 99.50%
  • Baccarat / Punto Banco 99.94%
  • Three Card Poker 96% – 98% RTP
  • Roulette 97.03%

How can I view the RTP of an individual casino game?

Once you have found a suitable online casino on this website, you will come across various casino games from different game developers. The range of games varies per online casino. In addition, the chance of winning and the RTP percentage is also different for each casino game. Most games have a separate user manual, most game developers have stated the RTP percentage in this manual. This way you can see exactly what your theoretical chance of winning is.

However, do not make the mistake of thinking that if you play a slot machine with an RTP percentage of 97%, for example, you will receive exactly €97 back in cash prizes won if you have wagered a total of €100. It is always a theoretical payout percentage over many thousands of game rounds. For example, some slots do not pay out for many rounds, and then pay out a larger cash prize.

The term volatility or variance is also used to indicate this willingness to pay. These terms mean the same thing. High volatility or variance means less cash prizes, but higher cash prizes when paid out. While a slot with lower volatility and variance often pays out cash prizes, but usually smaller prizes.

Can the online casino affect the odds of winning?

Nowadays, online casinos rarely make their own casino games. There are separate organizations that focus entirely on developing casino games. View the list of game developers here.

At the stage of development of these games, the odds of winning and the RTP percentage are accurately determined. The online casino enters into a partnership with the game developer and buys a license to be able to offer the casino game.

The odds of winning or RTP of the casino game cannot be influenced by the online casino. In addition, the RTP percentage is also regularly retested by independent testing and certification institutes. This way you are sure of a fair chance of winning.

By Filip Mishevski

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