Beginners luck

You might have come across the term “Beginner’s luck” several times in your life. Many of us even have experienced it. Ever beaten your friend in a board game who is a pro? Or have you completely bamboozled an expert table tennis player? Or been to a casino and won on your first try? If… Continue reading Beginners luck

Slot machines

Once, considered a second-class game, slot machines are now the most famous and major revenue generator of casinos. Back then jackpot amounts, payouts weren’t enough to be considered in big games. Also, players weren’t permitted to enjoy the complimentary amenities of casinos. However, the fate of slot has turned all the tables and now it… Continue reading Slot machines

What are the most popular casino game developers?

The industry of online casinos is thriving, for two decades now, and there are no signs of slowing down. The competition among developers is getting tougher, as various developers jumped in the race to designing the best possible products for casinos.From the catchy interface to engaging audios, and high-end graphics, the developers are striving to… Continue reading What are the most popular casino game developers?

Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto, the games which have been around for more than 2 decades, left no stone unturned to develop the world’s biggest fan base. Who would have thought? A crime thriller will become the most profitable and promising entertainment of all time. With every new update, Rockstar Gaming left the players astounded, especially the… Continue reading Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA 5

What does WorldPay AP Limited stand for on your bank statement?

WorldPay is a globally renowned payment services company, serving various business giants around the world. The company was founded in 1989 and is considered the pioneer of online transactions for example for online casinos. Since then, the company has changed its name multiple times, from Streamline to WorldPay Groups plc, and now WorldPay AP limited.… Continue reading What does WorldPay AP Limited stand for on your bank statement?